Leverage your own data and adding much more for advanced risk assessment

Sigma360 improves performance and profitability by differentiating risk and pricing in a granular way through smart data enrichment and easy to use AI models

Sigma analyzes.

Sigma uses technology to understand the various sources of information within your organization, analyzes all data types and entities,  transforming your company into an AI-based company.

Sigma enriches.

Sigma’s connects your internal data with highly relevant external data sources to enable a 360-degree understanding of the risk landscape in different dimensions, personal, environmental and global.

Sigma predicts.

Using free text analysis and natural language processing, Sigma analyzes all collected data and deploys timely, accurate and actionable predictive risk models so you can make smarter, more informed operational decisions in scale.

Sigma succeeds.

Sigma transforms insurance and financial companies into an AI-based, data-driven business, informing faster, smarter and better quality risk decision-making, sure to leave an impact.

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The business intelligence we uncover helps you shape your business future, anticipate what’s next and transforming your company into a data-driven business that grow in scale


"Data that sits unused is no different from data that was never collected in the first place"

Thomas H.Davenport

Specializing in Analytics, Business Process Innovation

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